Welcome to Midway Station

The year is 2318. With the Romulan withdraw from installer affairs following the Tomed Incident 7 years earlier and increased good will between the Federation and Klignon Empire, the Federations has begun to shift it focus towards exploration, expansion, and discovery once again.

A new frontier is opening on the “Western Front”, as the enlisted of Starfleet have come to call it. The discovery of the Tzenkethi Coalition and the Cardassian Union have slowed the Federations rapid civilian expansion, and now Starfleet’s mission is this region is Exploration and supporting the civilian efforts.

Midway Station is the primary defensive and supply position for Starfleet along the Tzenkethi and Cardassian border. This is also the sector command for Starfleet’s 10th Fleet, 2nd Expeditionary Group under the command of RDML Dana Kinney.

STA: Living Campaign (Studio Tembo)